Wood Fired Pizza & Wine Bar

June 23, 2011

OK so this is Peter. (I borrowed that picture from his website) Peter is a person that will not settle for mediocre, and will not accept “good enough”. The man has no tolerance for pizza that is not great pizza. He’s got a very commanding presence too (partially because he’s the size of a linebacker), and speaking to him about his craft for any period of time will really instill in you that you’ve met someone that isn’t just there to crank out pies. His oven? His custom design. Low ceiling in there, and burns at over 800 degrees, using a blend of three different woods, which is also his concoction. The pizzas cook for a very short period of time, and the pizzaiolo (often Peter himself) works the pies up and down in the oven, so the underside can lightly blacken and get a smokey flavor from the wood. (Hungry yet?) Someone once told me that “good” is the biggest hurdle in achieving greatness. Once you’ve achieved “good” it’s a real summabich to get “great” since you’re pretty content with your above-average performance. My phrasing of that is weak at best, but you get the idea, Peter frigging loves his pies. He spent months developing just his yeast strain alone. He has local farms grow his herbs and veggies whenever possible. He uses top quality meats and cheese. I feel pretty lucky that this guy got tired of average pizza, or we wouldn’t have WFP today! wfp-front OK pizza lovers, what is it that you’re used to up to this point? Papa John’s? Pizza hut? I won’t fault you, PJ’s appeals to my inner drunk college student, but I’d like to believe (or just convince myself) that I’m at a stage in my life where I’ve transcended beyond supporting people that aren’t supporting the betterment of their craft. Why eat crappy pizza? Why drink mass produced crappy beer? I just can’t any more, it seems too much like a waste of calories. Give me a Dante’s Inferno and a nice hoppy IPA, and I’m a happy man. Speaking of Dante’s Inferno, here she is in all her spicy, cheesy goodness: Dante’s Inferno- Sriacha Infused San Marzano Sauce, Ricotta, Italian Meatballs, Organic Herbs, Sheep’s Milk Artisanal Cheese – “Dante”

And just to keep you drooling, here’s a Pistachio Pie (I wish you could smell this, the nutty rosemary aroma it is just amazing) Pistachio- American Pistachios, Rosemary, Organic Herbs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

And a healthier selection, The Fit 4 Life: Fit4Life- Brussells Sprouts, Canadian Bacon, San Marzano Sauce, Spinach Organic Herbs, Fresh Mozzarella

I won’t bore you with my distaste for chain restaurants’ typical blah fare, the ever-present food that just gets placated Floridians from one meal to another. I want to introduce you to food that will make your life better. My mission, my “modus operandi” with this blog, will be to make whomever may be spending their scant and well-earned free time reading my blabbering worthwhile.


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