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July 16, 2011

Vizcaya is creatively controlled by Chef and Owner, Felix Piedra. Here’s a completely awesome picture of Felix I took: You can’t not love this guy, he’s a bigger fan of amazing food and great chefs than most people could aspire to be. He reads constantly and updates his concept and recipes to reflect both the latest trends and the classic tapas that Spain had us all fall in love with. We started our meal with a refreshing glass of sparkling water and a great bottle of red wine. The Ribera Del Duero that the owner picked out was some pretty good juice, and was at a very reasonable price point too. It’s nice going to a Tapas restaurant where the Chef/Owner is actually from the Basque region of Spain, rather than having a kitchen full of college kids (with an invariably high turnover rate) crank out “tapas” for your party all night. The bread was tasty, and we definitely enjoyed the house made garlic paste/balsamic reduction/roasted red pepper/olive oil dip that they came up with. It was a lot more entertaining than your typical foil wrapped pat of butter! The salad was a welcome dish, especially considering the hot summer day. Apricots, candied nuts, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and a raspberry vinegarette made for quite a salad! Really liked that one. Well hello, what have we here? A white bean gazpacho? With Langostino, arugula, cuttlefish, truffle oil, and balsamic? After I returned from my breif mental vacation to Bilbao, I realized this was more special than just your average “soup”. Those flavors and textures, the subtle essence of the sea in the Langostino, the slightly grainy gazpacho… I’m salivating just typing this, I seriously want another bowl of that right now. Like now. Seriously. No I mean seriously. What were we talking about again? Well this oughta take my mind off the gazpacho! A Salmon/Scallop/Oyster/Corn Nut Ceviche in a tomato-lime broth. I really really really love that soft fish, gently cooked by the acidity of the lime and tomato, and nicely complimented by the herbs and spices the chef added into the dish. I love any food that can transport you to a different place when you eat it, and this is most certainly that. Man. Black Bass. Cooked so tender you could eat it with a spoon. Or a fork. Or a spork. Heck, you could almost suck it through a straw. This my friends is properly cooked fish. Tender, delicate, falls apart when you prod at it with your utensils, textbook awesome fish. The pasta was also al dente, which is also nice, I find that there is such a subtle difference between pasta that’s “cooked” and pasta that’s “al dente” (which is Italian for “to the tooth”, meaning it should have a hint of a bite to it, not just be pasty soft). OK that’s it, I can’t keep writing or I’m going to have to go find somewhere to get some yummy grub like this, and there aren’t a ton of spots that have it… Only one comes to mind off the top of my head…

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