Quick Bite- The Floridian’s Cuban Sandwich is Bueeeeeeno.

July 16, 2011

Here’s a post I did for the Cuban Sandwich Blog of Jeff Houck, Columnist for the Tampa Tribune and a fellow (but far more talented) food blogger. If you’re a fan of Cuban Sammiches (or just good food in general) I highly recommend you check him out! http://thecubansandwich.tumblr.com/ The Floridian is small. Not tiny, but hardly the labyrinthian size of The Colombia, or even Brocatos. The interior is both a bit modern and a bit hokey – tile floors and accents, and a huge mural of elephant ear plants occupying the wall opposite the kitchen. Walls and ceiling are pastel South Florida shades of blue and green, while tables and countertops are polished black stone, with large orbs of other stone visible laced throughout. There are 5 tables, and 4 seats at a bar facing the front window. During the lunch rush it gets pretty cramped so I try to show up around 11:30 a.m. when it’s much calmer. On to the sandwich! The bread is said to be from La Segunda, and the ingredients are 4 different tasty and moist meats, each sliced about an eighth of an inch thick: salami, turkey, ham, and pork (from what I can tell). The mustard is a mixture of mayo and mustard, and although good I wish it had a bit more of that vinegary kick I so love and crave. Pickles were present and had a good pickle bite to them, and the cheese was nice and soft. I feel that there are three things that really don’t add anything to a Cuban Sandwich for me- Mayo, Lettuce, and Tomato, so I typically don’t order the sandwich with them on board. I asked for the gentleman taking my order to “press the crap out of it” as I like my cheese melty and the middle of the sandwich warm (not a fan of cold cheese and cold meats inside warm, toasty bread). He was kind enough to oblige and even wrote “press the crap out of it” on the order ticket. Good man! The salami added a salty, meaty, almost earthy layer, while the other three layers were less discernible flavor-wise but were certainly moist slices of meat that gave the sandwich good body. The 7-inch-long Cuban was $4.99 and worth every penny, and the accompanying Devil Crab (no, it is not “Deviled” Crab) was really yummy too!


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