Pizza Fusion- A yummy “green” pizza spot Downtown.

July 12, 2011

I really dig this place. Pizza Fusion opened less than a year ago in the Skypoint Building in Downtown Tampa, and although it is a chain (and I usually do not like chains at all), I feel like it’s a “good” chain. I called it green in the title because not only do they embrace the green movement wholeheartedly (they make deliveries with hybrid cars and purchase wind energy certificates to offset their power consumption), but their pizzas are free of nitrates/trans fats/bad stuffs and over three quarters of the ingredients are organic! All that is well and good, but it hardly matters if their food isn’t all that great. Fortunately for you and I it is pretty yummy! Luckily today we had some friends with us so we were able to try a few things. (Oh, and a couple draft pints of microbrewed IPA’s, which were only $4 each!) We started out with the basil pesto bread special (which is essentially just pizza with pesto replacing tomato sauce), it was herb-ey and good, but not the best thing on the menu for a starter. In retrospect I wish we’d gone with the dip trio or the stuffed mushrooms, but this still did the trick. Up next was the Cheese pizza, with whole wheat crust. It was thin and well cooked, with gooey quality mozz, parm, and provelone on top and tasty organic tomato sauce. And the star of the show, the Big Kahuna, with pineapple, onion, bacon, tomato sauce and their blend of mozz/parm/provelone on top. This one disappeared quickly, and MAN did it go down nicely with that IPA! Mmmmm… Bacon anything…. I tried to get a first-person shot of eating that lil’ morsel of deliciousness… Note the gooey cheese threads… OK now I’m hungry. And here’s the bar, clean contemporary, and filled with good beer (many organic) and pretty decent wine (also organic), at very decent prices! I recall the majority of beers being around $4 and wine being in the ~$7 range. They also make a killer hand-made sangria, which is great if you’re tired of the typical jug-o-sangria so many restaurants have around town. I very highly recommend Pizza Fusion for an inexpensive bite and a good beer, especially given that you can feel good about origin of the ingredients of both. If I had anything negative to say about P.F. it’d be that if you aren’t a pedestrian or a resident of Skypoint, parking can be a pain in the rear- but that’s just downtown for ya!

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