Pine 22 – Orlando’s (yes, Orlando) newish spot for an awesome burger.

August 3, 2011

OK I know. This isn’t, it’s Tasting Tampa. I just wanted to share this in case you (awesome) readers take that hour-ish drive over the Lakeland and through the woods to “la tierra del raton”, and need a good burger.

Pine 22 in Downtown Orlando has that burger. Under ownership of the group that also owns Urban Flats and The Rusty Spoon (blog post for Rusty Spoon coming soon), Pine 22 is not only a fun, contemporary space, but it also turns out a damn good burger. Make that a damn good 100% Angus Beef, humanely raised, antibiotic free, grass fed burger. Hey, the good news doesn’t stop there!

The restaurant uses a less-common method of ordering food: shut up, sit down, check the boxes. I like it. 6 different options for bun? 24 possible sauces? I’M SORRY BUT DOES THAT SAY FRIED EGG UNDER TOPPINGS??? What is this mystical place, and where can I get some restaurant stem cells to clone one of these babies for Tampa?

There’s my buddy Matt’s burger. This gentleman is known for being one to throw food-caution to the wind, and for having a metabolism where he can mow down a half-pound burger on Texas Toast with avocado, bacon, exotic cheese, and a fried egg on it. And remain thin. I believe the technical term for that is “Lucky A-hole” but I could be wrong… Either way Matt was kind (begrudgingly) enough to let me weasel a bite off of his burger and I was glad I did. Now that I think about it… eating with me must be a pain in the butt. Oh well, I can justify it if it benefits you, dear reader. (Did I already mention that you are awesome?)

My burger was the first picture up at the top, sticking it’s tongue (house made pickle slice) out at me. I went with a standard bun, third-pound hunk-o-cow, herbed goat cheese, dill pickle chips, sautéed mushrooms, and Dijon balsamic dressing (also made in-house). It was less decadent than Matt’s, but still great, especially washed down with a Bell’s Two-Hearted IPA.

Pine 22 meets the criteria to be a favorite, it’s relatively inexpensive, has craft beer, 4,000,000 different burger combinations, and ethically-treated grass-fed beef. I just wish it weren’t 90 miles away.

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