Kurdi’s- recently opened “Neo-Mediterranean” spot Downtown in the Skypoint Building

July 28, 2011

So I’d just hopped off I-275, going to grab some lunch downtown with a buddy. As I passed the Skypoint building (a very modern/upscale condominium built in the past few years), I glanced over to see what the crowd was like at Pizza Fusion when… waitasec… was that a new restaurant in the opposite corner from Pizza Fusion? Three right turns later, we discovered yes, it sure was, and it was open too! We shelved our plans to eat at (and blog about) one of my favorite places downtown, Bamboozle Cafe, and checked out Skypoint’s newest and quite modern looking restaurant: Kurdi’s.

And it was most certainly modern, perhaps to a fault. Most tables, chairs, walls, fixtures, counters, tiles, etc, were an arctic shade of white so clean and flawless and new I think hospitals might get jealous. Tiles and other accents are a bright green, which helps break up the sterility of all the other Ryan-Seacrest’s-Teeth-colored decor, and the plating and silverware are disposable/portable black plastic, which I must say contrasted against the bright white so well that it made for some yummy looking pictures! Speaking of


We ordered a couple things each, my friend got the “HK Med. Melt” app and the “Chicken Schawerma” with the “Peppery Rice” on the side that the server made sound so good. I got the “Yoghurt & Cucumber Salad” because dammit man, it’s hot out there and that sounds awesome, and the “Kufta Kebab Sandwich” which came with sumac and lemon onion relish and sounded amazing. Truth be told it may have been the best thing we ordered, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The salad above came first along with the HK Med. Melt appetizer. The salad was simple and small, but the dressing was great, with just enough bite from the vinegar and salt from the cheese crumbles to make us make it disappear quickly. The only downside to the salad was that using a plastic fork on a plastic plate made something this slippery darn hard to eat. Don’t wear a nice shirt when you’re trying to tackle this one, unless you have one of those tide pens somewhere nearby.


And there’s our HK Med. Melt. That’s where the problems began for me. I bit into one and although it was tasty, don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t get past the fact that we’d just spent six bucks for (count ’em) five thin slices of a baguette that were pretty much soaked in butter, topped with some cheese, and baked. Add chives & a side of creamy onion dip and you’ve got the dolled-up equivalent of something you’d typically get for free at a chain restaurant, something to keep you busy while your food is being prepared. Again, they were satisfying (assuming you aren’t one to enumerate your calories), but six dollars? I’m sure rent is astronomical in Skypoint, but be reasonable…

Then came my cucumber yoghurt salad, which was as refreshing as it sounded. Cool yoghurt with chopped cucumber, mint, and what I’m pretty sure was some black pepper. Although not very dynamic, it was a decent dish, and much more reasonable at $4. It would make a great mouth-saver if you’re the type that likes to order your food ultra spicy!

My friend’s Chicken Shawerma entree. It was more miss than hit- the chicken was well seasoned and spiced but dry, the veggies were well cooked but lacked seasoning, and the rice was well seasoned but much of it was hard, which made the rice sadly inedible because it looked & smelled great. Honestly a bit of a let-down considering how amazing the staff made it sound.

And there’s my Kufta Kebab Sandwich, which was one of the better things we had, flavorful seasoned ground beef and lamb grilled in a sausage shape, wrapped in pita with a reasonably tasty (yet messy) sauce and sumac/lemon/onion relish, I enjoyed that one. Would order again. Made even better by the yummy spicy hot paste the chef gave me when I asked for some “legit hot sauce”. I actually still have some of it in my fridge, saving for my next leftover-anything-that-needs-hot-sauce.

(Kebab close-up) I think I need to give Kurdi’s one more chance to see if they were having an off day. The service was very friendly, but only about half of our food was something I’d want to eat a second time. They’ve also only been open about a month so I understand that there are bugs to be worked out, and before I say anything negative I’m going to give ’em another shot.


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