Kaleisia Tea Lounge – popped in for some Boba Tea

August 9, 2011

What a cool spot. Located in a nondescript shopping plaza on the south side of Fletcher Ave, just east of I-275, Kaleisia serves up some of the best tea drinks in the USF area. After being warmly greeted, I was asked what drink I was interested in that day. I finally was able to settle on an Iced Mango-Chai Tea Latte with Boba, and was glad I did, it was darn tasty! For those of you not familiar with Boba, they’re the little dark balls at the bottom of my tea there. They are made from tapioca and are slightly sweet with a very mild flavor, almost like little gummy bears but softer. They go great with the tea, and are fun to drink through the big straw the tea came with. It might seem weird at first, having gummy chunks in your beverage, but I promise you, this is one of those drinks you’ll wish you’d found earlier in life because you can quickly become addicted! Kalesia has no shortage of teas to choose from, ranging from light to strong, from spicy to fruity, and from caffeine-free to bounce-off-the-walls. It’s a great spot to relax in too, with comfy couches and free wi-fi. They also sell sandwiches (including Banh Mi’s!) and other primarily Asian-inspired fare, which I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet, but everything I saw them make looked good so I’ll have to dedicate a trip in the near future. My Chai Tea drink was excellent and well worth stopping by for. Highly recommend! http://www.thetealounge.com/

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