Datz – Burger n’ a Brew

July 8, 2011

Ooooh, just your plain ol’, run of the mill bloody ginormous crabcake… Datz opened in early 2009 as Datz Deli, and has since gone through multiple conceptual iterations, refining itself to offer more “gastropub” style fare, while retaining the popular dishes from the deli days- enormous sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, wings and more. Datz’ new menu has incorporated some pretty fun items such as flatbreads (“The Piggy” is a favorite, with smoked gouda and applewood bacon), Chicken and Waffles, and even Macaroni n’ Cheese Pancakes! I like duck, I like bacon, and I like hamburgers. I don’t trust any “foodie” that doesn’t share that sentiment. Either way, it would appear that wishes really do come true, because Datz came up with a killer app called “Duck Bacon Sliders”, with duck burger patties, duck bacon (made in-house) and caramelized onion aioli. Again, if you have to ask if they tasted good… Geez, way to half-ass a burger guys. I mean really, it couldn’t be more than 10″ tall? And a 10 oz. patty? I hope those questions came across dripping with sarcasm the way this burger was dripping with awesome. Thick cut, applewood smoked Neuske’s bacon with house made pickles, lettuce, tomato, and more. The most impressive part? My good friend Jeff (a surgeon) who can’t weigh more than 150 pounds demolished that entire thing, and then mowed down pretty much all of Datz’ signature house-made chips. Oh and a couple of Datz’ “Soggy Loaf” porters, which drink with the heartiness of a burger to begin with! Datz’ house beer is made for them by local brewery Cigar City Brewing (who I know, I yap about all the time, sorry) and is a pretty solid porter with notes of chocolate and coffee, and just a bit of rye character and bittering hops to give it structure. And there’s my “Havana Hottie”, Datz’ interpretation of the Cuban Sandwich. I will admit that although it is one of the less authentic versions around town (if not the least), it is without question in my top 5 all-time favorite Cubans, and I’ve had a lot of Cubans! They pressed it so well, the cheese just melted in with the pork and other tender and tasty ingredients, and the sweet, spicy mustard was in attendance just enough to give it a kick, pulling all those flavors together for a close-your-eyes yummy sammich. Not to mention I was able to wash it down with an amazing Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, one of 40 craft/microbrewed beers available on tap right now at Datz. Considering our bill was less than $20 each and we all got beers and more food than we could eat, it’s not a real quandary why I end up there about once a week!


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