Cigar City Brewing- The Order of the Red Banner Feast

August 5, 2011

Here’s a piece I did for Creative Loafing, thought I’d share it with you all too in case you didn’t catch it! Cigar City Brewing owner Joey Redner wanted to do a Russian themed beer dinner since he opened the brewery in 2009. At the dinner last night he told us that even though they were insanely busy, they finally put the event together, so “it didn’t become something we just talked about that never happened.” This was quite fortunate for us, as they put on one of the more impressive beer dinners to date, with monogrammed Russian fur hats, a 5-course Russian dinner (catered by Tina Hurless, owner/chef of Bistro Bleu), and copious amounts of the heaviest, richest, thickest beer style available- Russian Imperial Stout. Once the dinner was announced, buzz on Facebook and beer aficionado sites was immediate- only 30 tickets would be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. The dinner would be held at 40 degrees (F, not C) in Cigar City’s large cooler, and would be all-inclusive including food & beer pairings, swag and multiple bottles limited-release rare beers. One morning in late June the tickets were announced as “for sale” on facebook, and people scrambled to get them. Although I initially hesitated and missed my shot at tickets, a good friend got two and was completely awesome enough to offer me his second. All 30 of us met at the brewery tasting room at 6:30 sharp, dressed for a Russian winter as much as Florida thrift stores would allow us- in fur coats, boots, and more, garnering many a strange look from the patrons of the neighboring gym. Each of us was handed a CCB-logo monogrammed fur hat, and a wax-sealed envelope (containing the menu) that looked to be a letter that’d been through hell to make it’s way into our hands, an impressive touch. A few minutes (35) later, the show was on the road and we all marched (no, not literally) back to the freezer for the meal we’d all been waiting for: The Order of the Red Banner Feast. Long tables were set up, with the first course and welcome beers waiting for us as we chose seats and organized ourselves. The meal was focused around Cigar City’s Imperial Stout “Marshall Zhukov”, named for the most decorated General in Soviet history. The courses and pairings went as follows: Reception Beer: Marshall Zhukov’s Imperial Stout First Course: Borscht shooter with herring in cream Beer Pairing: Momnieus Zhukov’s Biere de Stout Second Course: Potato mushroom pierogie with vodka sous sauce Beer Pairing: Penultimate Push Third Course: Beef/Pork pelemeny with marinated woodland mushroom sauce and red sauerkraut Beer Pairing: Humidor Imperial Stout Fourth Course: Lamb and wild mushroom stuffed cabbage Beer Pairing: Hopped-Up Johnnie Desert Course: Stuffed chocolate blintz with cherries & sweet cheese Beer Pairing: Final Push Even the servers got into the Soviet “spirit”. Unless you are a true beer nerd or a huge fan of Cigar City Brewing, you probably have never heard of any of those beers. I assure you they were all damn impressive, as the brewery used ingredients in the treatment/brewing process such as cedar wood, Florida grown hops, or even Johnnie Walker (Blue Label) soaked oak chips! The complexity and aroma of the beers that were served are rivaled by few and desired by many. Congratulations to Joey Redner and the CCB crew for putting on one hell of a show.

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