Carne-vores Rejoice!

May 28, 2012

Ok, it’s no secret that James and I love Ybor and go there OFTEN… so what great surprise when we found out that a new restaurant had gone into the beautiful old building in Centro Ybor!  Jason Fernandez, owner of Bernini’s and other hot spots around 7th Ave, has definitely done it once again with Carne Chophouse!  Carne is located at 1536 E. 7th Avenue…you can’t get more into the heart of Ybor City than that folks! Carne

We had a few friends with us so we could sample as much food as possible! Sitting down, the kind server asked us for our drink order and after hearing they had $2 Finlandia Martini’s from 4-7during happy hour JUST like another great restaurant in Ybor City…ahem…Bernini’s…without hesitation we ordered some Funtini’s.  After browsing the menu for what seems like forever, we decided that we wanted to take advantage of the steaks on the menu, I mean, after all it IS a “Chophouse”, their logo is a COW!

The perk of the steak section is that each comes with a generous salad or soup of your choice, a parmesan crusted Roma tomato and a side. What we also loved about Carne’s menu were the prices. The different cuts of steak available weren’t over-priced!  I like this place already and food hasn’t even come yet!

I opted for the Split Pea Soup instead of salad which was excellent and in my opinon wise on my part.  Often I’ve found that people frown upon a delicious Split Pea because they think it looks like baby vomit… well green appearance aside, this special family recipe was delightful indeed! I couldn’t help but gawk as the “side” salads came out. There was nothing small about them and the presentation was fabulous as each was served on a stunning pewter charger!  Yet another wise detail – these pewter dishes will tolerate heat, keeping your steak warm or maintain a colder temperature for that delicious salad!

I had to get what I know best, and that would be the Filet! It was cooked perfectly, SO tender!  Another component I loved were the skinny onion strings on top of each steak.  They did a great job accenting the steak’s flavor!  James got the Prime Rib, which he really enjoyed and couldn’t finish because there was JUST SO MUCH! 

Our friends got the Chimichurri Sirloin which was very flavorful and the Shrimp Scampi which had the key elements a perfect shrimp scampi should have!  After several bites and martini’s later, just as we are about to throw in the towel, our friend insisted on trying dessert! Our server raved about the cheesecake, so that was that. As you can see from the picture, it looked (and was) excellent!

Carne Chophouse has that old Ybor feel with a modern steakhouse charm. They have a private banquet area for private parties and a secluded bar for all of your drinking pleasures!  So beat the crowds and check out Carne while it’s still new and the word is just starting to spread about this delicious steakhouse!

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