Armani’s – Italian Cuisine and Sunset Views

January 23, 2013

By Shannon

Menu Cover
Where in Tampa Bay can you eat an amazing meal while you take in a beautiful Tampa sunset over multi-waterfront views, plus watch a few planes land in the distance??  Armani‘s of course, located within the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay.

Tasting Tampa was given the opportunity to experience the white linen, white glove service that is Armani’s.  On every level our meal was top notch – the ambiance, taste and company (of course)  were woven together with fabulous service and excellent pacing.


A bit early for our reservation we took the liberty to wander around the beautiful Grand Hyatt.  A fabulous expanse of water-hovering sidewalk stretches along the back perimeter of the property.   Not far in the distance you can see (and certainly smell) Oystercatchers, located on the Grand Hyatt property, might I also add this is where you will find the BEST brunch in Tampa Bay.  When the time was upon us, we made our way to the Grand Hyatt elevator and were lifted up to the 14th floor.  Out we stepped into the lovely space that is Armani’s: floor to ceiling windows overlooking some of Tampa’s most beautiful scenery.  As we made our way to the bar for a quick glass of bubbly, we were welcomed by the sound of Armani’s pianist “tickling the ivories.”  I couldn’t imagine a lovelier way to begin the evening….


Antipasto bar

As the hostess escorted us to our table, we made sure to pass in front of the Antipasto bar, unrivaled by any in Tampa. Over 30 selections of Italian Specialties from balsamic glazed meatballs to clams with sambucca vinaigrette to Italian cheeses and cured meats that all looked and smelled amazing!  One of each please….?


After gawking over the delicious antipasto spread, we strolled out onto the beautiful sunset terrace, and maybe shouldn’t have, because I think our hostess thought we’d never leave.  Can you blame us?  The view is absolutely breathtaking!  So please, please, please make it a point to get there an hour or so early when you go, grab a glass of champagne and enjoy!

Not being able to shake the memory of all that antipasto, we started with, of course the Antipasto Misto.

And let the hunger inducing photos begin…

antipasto plate

Antipasto Misto
You may create your own plate or have a plate selected by the chef. We went for option number two, because why not leave the choices in the hands of the expert???

goat cheese pest w t 2

Next up were a couple small plates… Goat Cheese encrusted with pesto with shaved White Truffles

scallop crab cake

Scallops with Crab – Mediterranean style

The Scallop was perfectly cooked and paired wonderfully with the flavors of the crab stuffing.

On to the entrees…

Armanis Hyatt Tampa Bay

Filetto del Vitello
Grilled Veal tenderloin, lobster and crab gratin, angel hair pasta tossed with roasted garlic oil

Salmon Armanis Hyatt Tampa Bay

Salmone Scottato
Citrus Seared Loch Duart Salmon, Green Beans, Roasted Cauliflower with a Citrus-vanilla glaze.

This entire dish was excellent, salmon cooked to perfection and the cauliflower pretty much blew our minds.

Veal Osso Bucco Armanis

Braised Veal Shank, Saffron Risotto

Armani’s is known for their veal and it definitely shows.  Hence the double-dose of veal entrees for our table.

Armanis Hyatt Tampa Bay Pasta

Carbonara Dei Pettini e del Gambero con Pappardelle

Sauteed shrimp and sea scallops tossed with pappardelle pasta, pancetta cream sauce and Parmesean cheese

According to Wikipedia, Pappardelle are large, very broad flat pasta noodles, similar to wide fettuccine. The name derives from the verb “pappare”, to gobble up.  I agree with the last part, because that is definitely what happened!

Tiramisu Armanis Hyatt


No, we didn’t have room for dessert, but when in Armani’s…

The Tiramisu was nice and light, the blackberries and cream were a perfect touch.

Creme Brulee Armanis

Crème Brulee

If Crème Brulee is on the menu, it will be ordered and that is that.  Armani’s Crème Brulee had a crisp shell that shattered satisfyingly under my spoon and a rich, smooth layer of custard beneath with just a whisper of vanilla – ahhh the perfect end to an amazing meal.

An amazing meal and excellent experience had come to an end.  But not to worry Armani’s we’ll be back soon!  A huge thank you to the entire Armani’s team for an amazing meal!

Grazie, Chef Michael Von Burg.  Bravo.

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