A Caffeinated Jolt of Happiness

June 4, 2012

One has no choice but to respect a place making their iced coffee with ice cubes made from…yes, frozen coffee. C’mon…how can you not love that?

Felicitous Coffee House

Felicitous Coffee House is an eclectic Tampa coffee shop and locavore mecca.  Local art and ”upcycled” fashions hang on the walls.  Local musicians and poets perform at open mic nights here, and local yoga studios present Saturday and Sunday classes on the lawn.

Recently, Felicitous served as the home base for the USF Food Truck Pod.

Owner Rani Chehal has created a place where people can really become part of a “coffee culture” community and take part in fostering its growth.

The coffee, not surprisingly, is where this place really shines.  I suggest the iced peanut butter latte!

(Strawberry Fields Iced Tea)

They offer more than 30 varieties of loose leaf tea from a small eco-friendly company called Tea Spot, where incidentally, a Felicitous employee used to work in Colorado. (Literally everything about this place is connected in one way or another to either an employee or a regular.)

Felicitous has served (cold) sandwiches since its opening and recently introduced a panini menu.

I tried the “Boy Genius” (turkey, provolone, mayo, sundried tomatoes) which is named for a Felicitous employee.

We also gave the “Not a Cuban” a whirl (turkey, Swiss, mayo, mustard and pickle.)

Another favorite, says Rani, is the Traveler Panini, (chicken, provolone, pesto, mayo) named after one of their regulars.

While they’re not innovating any uber-creative ingredient combinations here, the paninis were tasty. I liked the fact that were NOT buttery/greasy hunks of bread with one lone slice of meat within. (A loathsome panini quality, in my book.) They were served with some crisp and airy veggie chips which due to their veggie-coloration, gave the illusion of being healthy. Bonus.

The fact that this place is housed inside a small and unassuming purple home gives it a sort of mysterious appeal I can’t quite put my finger on.  There’s indoor and outdoor seating, and every last Saturday of the month is “Doggie Day,” when four-legged friends are welcome to chill while you enjoy your java.

I love supporting local businesses, so I urge you to avoid the chain coffee shop around the corner and give this place a try.

Felicitous is located at 11706 North 51st Street.  Find them on Facebook or on Twitter @felicitoustampa.


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